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April 2014 - We have released the Letterlicious iPhone/iPad App. Screen shots and further information is on this page.

July 2013 - We have agreed to supply Sudoku puzzles to the New York Post. We are collaborating on some puzzles players to be embedded in their News Reader app.

October 2011 - We have signed a 3 book deal with Harper Collins in the UK for some difficult Sudoku books. They are also planning two Sudoku strategy books and a Str8ts book for 2012.

September 2011 - We have completed a project to make 'Fifteen Up' puzzles for Pluto Puzzles. An excellent puzzle and recommended if you are looking for even more unique puzzles. Pluto Puzzles offer a variety of interesting puzzles for print.

June 2011 - We are pleased to announce we have signed a three book contract with Sterling Publishing for two Str8ts books and one '1 to 25' book. These will be published next year. The two Str8ts books will be in different formats, a 9" x 6" 160 page book and a smaller, thicker 192 page book 8¼" x 5 ⅜". The '1 to 25' book will be 5 ¼ x 5 ½ and 240 pages long. Sterling are the first publishers to bring these puzzles to the English speaking market and they will be available in every part of the world where Barns and Noble stores can be found, except Germany. Sterling already offers the largest selection of puzzle books by any publisher in the world. As soon as we get cover designs we will show them off here.
About Us

Syndicated is a new venture in publishing, combining the inventiveness of game making mavericks Jeff Widderich and Andrew Stuart. Jeff Widderich is the mad scientist type who will constantly be developing far fetched 3 dimensional concepts. Andrew will bring the ideas back to reality and programmability. Together they are hoping to be the creative leaders in the puzzle industry. They personally have set the bar very high by starting with a puzzle like Str8ts. Moving into the realm of word puzzles, their second puzzle breakthrough is Letterlicious. Syndicated Puzzles offers a full range of classic puzzles in addition to brand new ones:
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It is very simple. If you want to offer your audience something exciting and new it will be right here at Syndicated Of course we also offer many of the proven favorites of the past. Syndicated Puzzles will be your one stop location for all your publishing needs.

These puzzles can be syndicated for print in your newspaper, magazine or web site. We can provide quality ready for print EPS documents that scale to fit your allocated space. The rules and yesterday’s solutions are cleverly built in completing the package. For web sites we offer a feed and a slot-in player with a statistics page. At Syndicated we know it is hard enough keeping up with daily tasks: we want to make sure you experience a simple click and drop service.

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Jeff Widderich

Imagine waking up every morning and having a handful of new ideas to process. Jeff’s ability to turn ideas in to viable products is his career. Art, architecture, movie scripts, games and puzzles have been his passion for the last ten years. Str8ts is Jeff’s latest creation which seemed to fall into place very quickly after that Eureka! moment. If Jeff actually had endless resources to bring his ideas to reality the world might be a very different place.

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Andrew Stuart

Imagine trying to come up with ways to quantify problems simply by turning them in to solutions that work not only once, but as many times as needed. Andrew’s passion for creating software to crack puzzles is based on three fundamentals, simplicity, reliability and logic. Ever since he saw the first Sudoku puzzle in his local newspaper in 2005 he has gone on to create over ten Sudoku variants and he has cracked endless puzzles including Str8ts.

Contact Andrew on or visit his extensive puzzle web site at, currently the world leading authority on Sudoku strategies.

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