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Wednesday 3-Oct-2012

... by: Anna, Canada

I purchased the iPad app, but as of september 27 it won't load new str8ts puzzles. It asks me if I want today's puzzle, but just clears the current puzzle and doesn't load the new one

Andrew Stuart writes (4-Oct-2012):
We had a problem with Zoneedit.com - who handle our domain names - they went down for a few days. I had to re-route everything through another domain but we're back to normal now. Could you try again, let me know if the "New" buttons on each player fetch puzzles? You should see number 1738 for Sudoku, for example. If this still doesn't work I suggest deleting and downloading again, but I'm fairly sure that wont be necessary.

Wednesday 19-Sep-2012

... by: Donald Pelletier, Canada

"To enter notes simply type more than one number. Guaranteed
a single solution - and a logical path to solve."

This method of entering 'notes' is not at all adequate. One MUST be able to enter single digits using the option or command or shift key (your choice) together with the digit.

This same criticism applies also to your str8ts puzzle.

Now, I read below in other user comments that many agree with me.

Andrew Stuart writes (19-Sep-2012):
In the new version you can enter a single number 'note' by adding a zero, eg 08. The zero will disappear but the 8 is drawn as a small note number. Correct version should now say v2.5

Tuesday 18-Sep-2012

... by: Ice, Canada

Hating (one particular aspect of) the new layout so far. Finding it incredibly frustrating to have it auto-complete squares from a previous attempt. Is it really going to be necessary to clear my browser cache every single day for this site?
Please disable that particular feature.

Andrew Stuart writes (19-Sep-2012):
Yep, sorry about that, silly bug which has caused a lot of frustration with many people. I've fixed it now - restart should properly clear the values. Correct version should now say v2.5

Tuesday 18-Sep-2012

... by: Barry, UK

I've been playing Str8ts for years, but this new version has made me want to give up... it's that frustrating.

In attempting today's version (or maybe it's just me)... when trying to edit a cell with four numbers in it (notes) it won't let me use arrow key to navigate to last number. I've done all the cache clearing and restarting but to no avail.

I'm adding my voice to the bring back the old version campaign... if there is one lol!

Andrew Stuart writes (18-Sep-2012):
Don't despair! All good feedback. If it's working and fine and people approve the additional features I don't hear so often, but there's genuine user interface issues and I can address those. I've looked at the tab and left/right arrow keys and changed those. If the cell contains numbers the arrow keys will work within the field for editing. Tab to move to the next cell. Shift+Tab works now to go left. I've put a version number in the bottom right corner. Should say v2.4 if you refresh to get the new page. Let me know how you get on with todays update

Friday 14-Sep-2012

... by: quantango, Germany

I think the new design of the daily str8ts puzzle is ok, but i have one suggestion: When you have "Notes on" and there is only one number in the cell, could you display it large? Only when there is more than one number in the cell should it be displayed small. What do you think?
Btw great puzzles! My latent dream is the "daily extreme str8ts".

Andrew Stuart writes (17-Sep-2012):
It was precisely the problem with one number that started me on this revision. One needs to be able to put a single number in as a note. That's possible on the old version if you also use a zero. However, I'm replacing the new version today, taking on board the feedback from last week.
Glad you like the puzzles!

Friday 14-Sep-2012

... by: Steve, UK


I'm not liking your new Str8ts player. Switching from Notes On to Notes Off all the time is a right pain. Please can you provide the option to use the old version if we want to?

Andrew Stuart writes (14-Sep-2012):
Go to the main page, the old version is there. The version I'm currently working on will replace both these but doesn't have the notes toggle.

Tuesday 11-Sep-2012

... by: Chris Lutka, Kitchener, Ontario

Thank you for reverting the player back for Str8ts. I can once again play.

For those who need single number note capability, perhaps a period at the beginning and/or end of the single number could be a programming option to differentiate a solution versus a note. That would allow us to use a modified old player. :)

Andrew Stuart writes (13-Sep-2012):
See reply to Kieth below I didn't realise you could put a single number note in - by adding a zero to the note - another visitor pointed it out to me. This is despite writing that piece of code, lol. But we do need a way for adding a single note and I think I will use that and dots as well.

Tuesday 11-Sep-2012

... by: Keith, Canada

Thank you soooo much for returning to the previous player. Works perfectly now. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Andrew Stuart writes (13-Sep-2012):
I've taken on board quite a lot of feedback about the new player and I'm working on a revised version. In the meantime I've reverted to the old players on the main page
. And the 'new' not-very-satisfactory player on the Daily Sudoku page. So people can choose. The soon to be released one contains most of the features of the old which people have become used to, and the new features I need to get in (like auto progress saving). So let me know how you get on with the new new one in a day or so's time. Feedback always helpful

Monday 10-Sep-2012

... by: Keith, CAnada

Single number notes have ALWAYS been possible. All you had to do was put a zero before or after the number. Eg. 04 in a cell would produce a small '4' as a note. The new was is very frustrating.

Andrew Stuart writes (13-Sep-2012):
You discovered a 'feature' ! (A useful unintended benign bug). I will continue to allow 0 and perhaps dots to permit single number notes. They are very useful.

Monday 10-Sep-2012

... by: Keith, Canada (ontario)

I don't like your new web format. Very difficult to use. The use of "Notes on/off" is terrible. I can't use the number pad. Only the numbers on the top row of the keyboard work. Not worth doing the puzzle anymore. Too frustrating.

Andrew Stuart writes (10-Sep-2012):
I'm looking at the numpad keyboard issue now.
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