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Monday 10-Sep-2012

... by: Olivier Stikkelman, Netherlands

What have you done with your main page? It used te be easy to try and solve the str8ts. Now it's possible the switch notes on or off and as a result it becomes often impossible to enter any digit. I just gave up. Maybe you did this on purpose, to chase away all these people that make the str8ts and never buy anything. Can you please restore the old functionallity of the side? That worked very intuitive. Now it's disaster.

Andrew Stuart writes (10-Sep-2012):
I too had problems when I loaded it onto the site (with notes) which I tracked down to cache issues and cookies. You need to press "restart" (which clears the cookie) and refresh the page several times (or clear cache while not on that page). The new version saves progress since (against accidentally moving away from the page) and you can put single numbers in as notes now. I don't know a cleaner way of updating complex pages, but let me know how you get on I'll revert if too many people complain, but it is an upgrade : )

Wednesday 15-Aug-2012

... by: Simon, UK

todays (15 aug) 1-25 no4 seems defective/ no solution
surprises me as lack of duff content one of the main attactions
please correct me if wrong

Andrew Stuart writes (19-Aug-2012):
Not duff content here I promise. Always a solution. Can't find a print copy of aug 15th no 4, but this is the textual definition which contains the solution. The clues are the outer numbers. This the puzzle you're looking at?

17 20 19 06 11 09 24
14 20 19 18 15 14 15
12 21 17 16 13 12 16
22 22 23 24 11 10 23
04 01 05 04 25 09 25
03 02 03 06 07 08 02
13 21 05 18 07 10 08

Wednesday 15-Aug-2012

... by: David, Canada

the new and improved "print" of the daily str8t's does not work for the first puzzle of 2. In fact the puzzle is a blank. When will this be returned to the old print formate that worked. Thank you.

Andrew Stuart writes (19-Aug-2012):
Thanks for the alert. I thought I'd made that work when I upgraded the print pages. Should be working now.

Thursday 9-Aug-2012

... by: Brian Fink, Lynchburg, VA (US)

Why not archive the Asymmetrical Str8ts puzzles, too?

Andrew Stuart writes (13-Aug-2012):
My colleague believes we're at the limit of what we should be giving away for free as we depend on sales of the puzzle books and other things. So it's a sort of balance we've struck. If/when we move a bunch of stuff to a membership version of the site (but still keeping lots of puzzle for free) there would be a full monthly archive and we could go mad and providing a great many more puzzles.

Monday 28-May-2012

... by: Frank, Old Europe :-)

Dear Andrew.

Do you plan to improve the compartment or stranded digits check of your str8ts solver? It does strange things by putting numbers in cells that have no neighbor numbers or cannot form a str8t at all. E.g. in a str8t of 2 a number that has no neighbors, and no routine will eliminate it. Or in a str8t of 3 where there are two numbers only that miss a third to form a str8t. Instead the solvers says it did ran out of known strategies.
A more thorough compartment check would generate more solvable puzzles.

A rule also to be observed by the solver should be the required numbers in a str8t eliminating them in a neighbored str8t.

Another simple thing the solver should know are naked singles. It can do naked pairs and triples, too...

Best regards.

Andrew Stuart writes (30-May-2012):
Good idea and a good time to look at the solver again. There's been lost of ideas recently and I'd like to upgrade it now

Monday 21-May-2012

... by: Daniel R, Canada

I really enjoy your daily str8ts, mini-str8ts, and am even starting to play the daily 1to25. I'm really excited for when it comes to android!! Thanks again!

Andrew Stuart writes (30-May-2012):
Glad you like the puzzles. We're certainly looking forward to Android versions as well

Saturday 25-Feb-2012

... by: TheOriginalWolfgang, Germany

Do you have any plans to port your puzzles to Android? I'd love to play them (particularly str8ts and 1to25) on my phone, and I guess many other people outside the iUniverse, too.

Andrew Stuart writes (3-Mar-2012):
Yes, there is a Str8ts for Android coming, it's getting into Beta testing soon I hope. Keep an eye on the site for an announcement.

Tuesday 21-Feb-2012

... by: Sweet Pete, Canada

Love all the games here. I love so much that I want to take them with me. BUT I CAN'T! Because you don't have them set up for Android users! Please have this developed!!!!! I need my Str8ts on the road (not literally, cause that is not safe - one needs to focus on driving)

Andrew Stuart writes (3-Mar-2012):
Comping soon on Android!

Friday 16-Sep-2011

... by: David Brooks, Australia

Just discovered your site. 10/10
FE is in all of the lists of 2 letter words I have seen, and in particular the TWL list. You do not seem to allow it which seems strange.

Andrew Stuart writes (3-Oct-2011):
In my code and docs I say I use the words from the US Scrabble Association, so I've re-checked what they say are the two letter words and I do seems to have missed about four. I've added them in now. Their list is here:
It is confusing because I think I started out with UK lists

Wednesday 29-Jun-2011

... by: bob, kitchener-waterloo, ontario, canada

i enjoy doing the mini str8ts in the morning
as a means to getting my brain started before i leave for work.
however, at home,i no longer have a choice of three puzzles ?
at work, i still have ther choice ?
is there a setting that has been changed at home ?
any explanation ?


Andrew Stuart writes (30-Jun-2011):
It should be three puzzles no matter what. Do you have javascript enabled at home? That's required to switch between the puzzles. Let me know if that fixes it...
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