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Monday 20-Jun-2011

... by: EG Maat, Europe (Netherlands)

I love the 1-25 puzzles, they are the first distraction from my work every day. Today (June 20) something has gone awry it seems, the edges were inconsistent and incomplete (some numbers missing, others double or triple, even one or more 1's on the edge). Hopefully better later today or tomorrow?

Andrew Stuart writes (30-Jun-2011):
Sorry for the late reply...just getting through a backlog. I have updated the puzzles since you wrote, but they haven't been oddly displayed as far as I can tell. Do they still seem messed up? What browser are you using?

Tuesday 22-Mar-2011

... by: Toni, Remscheid, Germany

I hope st8ts will be commonplace like a standard crossword sometime.

Love it!

Best wishes and a very big


for str8ts!!!


Andrew Stuart writes (27-Mar-2011):
Glad you like Str8rs Toni!

Tuesday 22-Feb-2011

... by: rp, canada

I'm bright enough to solve the majority of str8ts puzzles unaided, but not bright enough to figure out how to use the solver.

Andrew Stuart writes (24-Feb-2011):
You're probably missing the fact that "take step" needs to be clicked repeatedly. Since it might not do anything on the first step some people think its not working. Try one of the examples before putting in your own puzzles

Sunday 12-Dec-2010

... by: Pete V, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Thank you! I have been looking for a challenging diversion, and str8ts is the real deal. Keep up the great work!

Monday 29-Nov-2010

... by: dbl-nkl, BC

Saw the Dragons "piece" on one the news sites; tried the game today, told some of my relatives & friends about the site.

Not really surprised about the Dragons; I often watch the DD show but find the comments often insulting to people rather than critical of their efforts.

I did see your episode recently & didn't really understand why you went since you seemed to have control of your situation; but I do understand that their reaction is good advertising for you.

Congrats! Hope you do as well other Canadians did with Trivial Pursuit.

I will now play the game regularly.

Monday 29-Nov-2010

... by: steelstring, Delta BC

Sounds just like a bank...You show them the money and they'll loan you some. Don't give the Dragons stock if they're not taking any risk. Go with simple loans instead then keep ALL the money in a few years. Be sure to send them financial updates and donations you can then make to actual worthy causes.

Monday 29-Nov-2010

... by: Hank Nauta, Canada Eh

You got a great product and it is fun too.

They are great at Dragon's Den too.

But, you do not need them....give it time.

You might be sitting beside them on the show soon enough!

Blessings with this...

Andrew Stuart writes (30-Nov-2010):
Thanks for writing in, appreciated :)

Saturday 27-Nov-2010

... by: mcsquare, Canada

Your "Video Explanation" on the STR8TS homepage
is sideways. You might want to fix that.

Andrew Stuart writes (30-Nov-2010):
Yep. First attempt. Going to have another go :)

Friday 26-Nov-2010

... by: JC, Canada

I love puzzles and right now am hooked on evil sudoku so when I saw Dragon's Den, I immediately went online to try str8ts. It is a fabulous puzzle but I keep completing them and it tells me i've got 5 wrong cells so I check against the answer and it matches so I'm a bit perplexed. Please check for my problem because i'm just getting frustrated and want your puzzles & website to be successful. Best of Luck

Andrew Stuart writes (30-Nov-2010):
Any chance you can take a screen snap shot (paste it into word or something) and send it to me? There is something strange going on that the solution on the site matches your solution AND there are wrong cells. There could be a bug in the player which would be invaluable to fix

Friday 26-Nov-2010

... by: Alex G, Calgary

Hi Jeff/Andrew,

I too saw you on the 'Den, and came to your site to try the puzzle. Very fun!

I would like to request that you please port the iPhone version of your game over to Android, I know there are countless peeps (myself included) who'd greatly appreciate it!



Andrew Stuart writes (30-Nov-2010):
Its in our wish list! One of the reasons we were looking for investment. Definately going to happen
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