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Friday 26-Nov-2010

... by: Beverley, Montreal

Love the game!!!!!!!!Great presentation on DRAGON'S DEN.

Friday 26-Nov-2010

... by: BB, BC

Great game but it took my wife and I about 20 minutes to figure out the rules. The explanation of a str8t was not clear. Although the name should give it away. At first we thought a gap was a black square until we examined a solved puzzle closely. A suggestion would be to give an example of a str8t

Andrew Stuart writes (30-Nov-2010):
Thanks for this feedback. We've attempted to put some more explanations on the main page - the top puzzle. The player is now highlighting compartments. And Jeff is re-doing the video explanation. We do want to introduce the puzzle well. The best idea we know of is to look at a solution. I'll put one soon.

Thursday 25-Nov-2010

... by: C. B. , Canada

The rules are still somewhat unclear, especially on the front page. You should include an obvious link to the walkthrough, just to help out new players.

Andrew Stuart writes (30-Nov-2010):
True. Have done some more work on that, see above

Thursday 25-Nov-2010

... by: Denis Hanson, Victoria BC

It is not clear that your puzzles have a unique solution as stated. I can fill in the white squares as 'straights' but possibly in a manner that may not allow the black squares to be entered so as to get a Latin square. Do you insist that each row and column contain all of 1, ..., 9 in the black and white squares?

Andrew Stuart writes (30-Nov-2010):
No. black cells with no number do not imply any number (often several are possible). The 1 to 9 rule is about uniqueness, not about having exactly 1 to 9.

Thursday 25-Nov-2010

... by: Carolyn, Okanagan Valley

Jeff, congratulations on your successful appearance with the Dragons! My family and I are very excited about your logic game even though we had never heard of it until tonight. We've obviously found your website and are just in the process of trying Str8ts for the first time. We congratulate you on this ingenious game and look forward to more and more success as the future unfolds. You have struck up a unique partnership with the Dragons and we are confident it will prove to be a win-win situation for all of you. I've been a die-hard fan of Sudoku for many, many years and now look forward to the same happy relationship with Str8ts! The very, very best of luck to you and we will eagerly be watching to see all good things happen to you.

Andrew Stuart writes (25-Nov-2010):
Many thanks Carolyn, I do hope you get on well with the new puzzle, we are equally excited.

Thursday 25-Nov-2010

... by: tiggerlike, Canada

Awesome! I saw it on the Dragon's Den and had to try it....I already love Sudoku and Kakuro but am getting tired of them, and this is a great new type of puzzle. The Dragons were smart to back you on this!

Wednesday 24-Nov-2010

... by: Todd G, Moncton NB

Just saw you on Dragon's Den. Tried my first game after. Love the challenge! Well done and good luck!

Andrew Stuart writes (25-Nov-2010):
Thanks Todd!

Wednesday 24-Nov-2010

... by: ,

why don't you have any instructions on how to play?

Andrew Stuart writes (25-Nov-2010):
Rules in brief : http://www.str8ts.com/Str8ts.html
Strategies in depth: http://www.str8ts.com/Str8ts_Strategies.html

Wednesday 24-Nov-2010

... by: Christine, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Hey, I just saw you on Dragon's Den!
You dealt great with the Dragons and totally sold Str8ts!
I looked you up on Google immediately after :)
Good luck with your product, and I hope you succeed!

Andrew Stuart writes (25-Nov-2010):
Hi Christine, I'm glad you found us - we were afraid people couldn't catch the puzzle name - it's a very fast edit. But Jeff enjoyed it and I hope you like the puzzles now you've found them

Wednesday 24-Nov-2010

... by: fkkdhsposip, canada

so throughout that entire dragons den episode you pronounced sudoku wrong.

Andrew Stuart writes (25-Nov-2010):
There is no correct way of pronouncing Sudoku. It's a japanese loan word meaing "One Number". The orginal word in Japanese has a lisping almost silent T at the beginning which we westerners don't even get close to reproducing. Which vowel to emphasis or which syllable to stress is entirely down to regional influences by similar sounding words.
With Str8ts we decided to buck the trend of adpoting a pseudo-japanese sounding name and it works I think.
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