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Wednesday 24-Nov-2010

... by: Jill, Mount Pearl, NL

I just finished watching you on Dragon's Den and found your website. I am an avid puzzle solver and this is the best puzzle game I've played since Cross Sums! (I've never like sudoku.) Congratulations. I may have to order your book for Christmas

Jeff Widderich writes (25-Nov-2010):
Str8ts is a very comfortable and relaxing puzzle. Enjoy and watch out for us, we are publishing many more concepts that are based on simplicity and fun. Letterlicious is next. Have some fun with Str8ts and help us spread the word.

Friday 15-Oct-2010

... by: Android User, Netherlands

It's fun playing Straights, thanks for that.
Any plans for making Straights available for Android phones?
Best regards!

Jeff Widderich writes (24-Nov-2010):
We are currently working on different platforms. Android is looking more and more interesting, so yes it is in our plans to build apps for this platform.

Sunday 26-Sep-2010

... by: Rick, Netherlands

Hi. I have played your daily str8ts almost every day for a long time and am quite good at solving them by now. Until recently, I chose the more difficult one of the two, for the best challenge. This meant I could always play either a 3 star or a 4 star. Now that you have switched to a system of two puzzles of equal star rating (like today: 2 of 2 stars), there are days (like today) that there is no challenging puzzle for me and I skip. To my great regret. I think offering two puzzles, one simple(r) and one hard(er) daily, makes MUCH more sense. Not just for experienced players like myself, but also for beginners to allow them to choose the easier one. Can you please return to the "one easy, one difficult"? I would be very grateful.

Jeff Widderich writes (24-Nov-2010):
Hello Rick, We have fixed this issue, you should now have two different puzzle grades at your disposal.

Saturday 17-Jul-2010

... by: Ann, Norfolk, UK (previously Nottingham)

I'm thoroughly enjoying the current Weekly Extreme Str8ts - not finished yet, but I keep edging forward, and hope to get to a conclusion eventually. I see that it's #3, so I've obviously missed the first 2 - any chance you'll be including an archive, so I can catch up with them?

Jeff Widderich writes (24-Nov-2010):
I'm very glad you are enjoying those extremes. We're shying away from putting too many puzzles on the site at once. The extremes are very special and we dont have plans to make an archive at this time. If we open a paid-for membership puzzle section we will put a longer achive style list in.

Wednesday 4-Nov-2009

... by: PJT,

Love love love this. It's also a nice aide in teaching kids logic.

Saturday 22-Aug-2009

... by: Paul, Florida, US

Any plans to get the solver to be able to input puzzles that we are having a harder time with, or be able to view some of the strategies that are being used? It would come in handy especially with the iPhone puzzles.

Also, would be excellent to be able to have the iPhone version autofill all the possible numbers for given cells.

Jeff Widderich writes (27-Aug-2009):
I have put up the iPhone puzzle solutions on this page: http://www.str8ts.com/Support Its true I need to add a method for entering puzzles into the solver. Its in the job queue. I'd rather not simply list the puzzles to load them into the solver as it would be giving away the content of the iPhone game. Best regards

Saturday 1-Aug-2009

... by: Greyscot, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I posted this review of your iPod app on iTunes (Canada). It is a great puzzle game and I wish you every successs with it! I also posted in Toucharcade. I hope this game gets the attention it deserves.

"If you like good, well-designed logic puzzles (with unique solutions!), Str8ts is excellent. Challenging but not frustrating. Well sequenced puzzles with a great tutorial and solid interface. For people who play and enjoy sudoku, nurikabe, masyubug, jabeh, kenken, kakuro... this game is a joy to play. Go to their website first and check out the tutorial and the strategy."

Jeff Widderich writes (4-Aug-2009):

Sunday 3-May-2009

... by: Ann, Nottingham, UK

I found the Str8ts puzzles recently and think they are great.

I hadn't read the feedback page, and had failed to notice the "how to print" link, so had some interesting puzzles as a result of having blanked out the wrong squares by hand after printing. Within IE8 (possibly also IE7) there is a "Page setup" option under the dropdown menu from the printer icon, from which you can choose to print background - slightly quicker than the fix which I eventually found via your link.

Keep up the good work!

Jeff Widderich writes (9-May-2009):
Really appreciate the tip. I don't have IE8 yet but I've added your words to our print help page. Thank you!

Tuesday 17-Mar-2009

... by: Ben, Boston

I love str8ts. They are super fun. I print out the daily puzzle every day but I don't always remember to check the solution. Do you have a solutions page for past puzzles? There is also no option to load your own into the solver so I can't check it that way.

Lastly, when will packs be available for purchase...I keep checking but it just keeps saying they are coming.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Ben in USA

Jeff Widderich writes (21-Mar-2009):
I've today created the 30 archive (+solutions) for the Str8ts puzzle, at

Currently it opens puzzles for printing. I'd like to extend it to open into the player as well, but haven't figured that out yet. Also on the job list is being able to set black/white cells for entering your own. Thatís the only component missing.

First Str8ts pack will be available in April.

Friday 13-Feb-2009

... by: JL, san diego, ca USA

Looks complicated, but once you keep taking steps you get the gang of it.

How about a str8ts book? (like Puzzler has a Futoshiki book, and there are books for tredoku, tridoku, and hidato+

Jeff Widderich writes (1-Mar-2009):
We'd love to do a puzzle book - and we're talking to publishers about this.
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