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Sunday 11-Jan-2009

... by: Jeroen W, The Netherlands

At first, great pzzl! I can see many variations to come!
Second, pls check str8ts @ newspaper Trouw of today 01-11-09 http://www.trouw.nl/ontspanning/article1930461.ece/Straigth.html
I'm not able to solve this str8ts because if u look at column 6 the're is an eight white field compartment and one black. Since there is a 1 in the white compartment the highest number to fill out is 8. This puts a 9 in the only black compartment A6. But, look at A9, there is allready a 9 as a clue.
Pls advise ..
Regards JW

Jeff Widderich writes (11-Jan-2009):
Don't try and fill in the black cells! They may or may not resolve to one number but itís a mistake to try and fill them. On the player you cannot edit that cell. The puzzle does not require unqiue numbers or any number in black cells - other than the given clues - try not to think of Sudoku. The only correspondance with sudoku is unique in rows and columns - but in white cells only.

Friday 9-Jan-2009

... by: Sue D, Macclesfield, England

I love str8ts. It's gr8 to have a new puzzle. When are they going to be in print? Would love to try them in the classroom (I'm a secondary school maths teacher)

Jeff Widderich writes (11-Jan-2009):
Going to be in newspapers just as soon as we can persuade the editors!

Friday 9-Jan-2009

... by: CJ, Connecticut, USA

I am SO addicted to Str8ts!! Is there any hope of purchasing a large package (with all the solver features), or perhaps even just membership to an online archive of puzzles? lol one a day just isn't enough!

Thanks for a great game!!

Jeff Widderich writes (11-Jan-2009):
Hi. Yes, we will be making a pack of 50 puzzles, one pack per month. I'm working on the puzzles at this moment. Hopefully starting in Febuary

Sunday 4-Jan-2009

... by: puzzled, Canada

In the Daily Str8ts puzzle, why do the blacked out squares print clear rather than black?

Jeff Widderich writes (4-Jan-2009):
Good question, I've tested this on Firefox and it seems to be fine. But with Internet Exploder there is a setting for this. I've created a help page

Printing the Daily Str8ts

Feedback appreciated

Best regards

Sunday 4-Jan-2009

... by: jos jansen, netherlands

Something is not clear with respect to the rules for black fields. These cannot be filled with numbers, but I supposed that their their possible content should obey the strict rule that each number can only appear once in each row and column. In the solution of e.g. puzzle #48 of January 4th this rule is clearly violated: in the solution the content of square G8 becomes 1, whereas the black square D8 should carry 1 according to the strict rule. So under the strict rule the puzzle has no solution. Therefore a relaxed rule should explicitly be added with respect to the black squares, which will make the puzzles less attractive (in my opinion!).
Kind regards,
Jos Jansen

Jeff Widderich writes (4-Jan-2009):
Hi Jos Thanks for getting in touch. Allow me to re-quote your quote of the rules on black cells - "strict rule that each number CAN only appear once in each row and column" - This does not imply ALL numbers MUST appear - merely that those numbers which do appear can't repeat in rows and columns. The rule is sudoku-esque but its not exactly the same. Itís a constraint but we donít expect you to find nor require values in black cells (unless we're given a clue) since most black cells could have more than one number (including those with clues). Hopefully you'll find the puzzle a little easier now you donít have to worry about 'hidden black cell values'.

On a side note, we've really sweated on the rules because of space conciderations in newspapers and so on, so if you have a better wording we'd be very pleased to read it.

Best wishes for the new year

Sunday 30-Nov-2008

... by: Howard, Perth, Australia

nice puzzle! best of luck with it,

hope to see it in my local soon
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