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Many puzzles have grades. Our difficulty bands are gentle, moderate, tough and diabolical.
For Sudoku and Str8ts we also have Kids and Extremes, but extremes are not usually published in newspapers.
Check the portfolio for sizes as well. LetterLogic and Codewords, for example, have three sizes.

Our Portfolio

Download the Syndicated Puzzles Portfolio here or look over our sample packs we've created for the most popular puzzles. Many come in different sizes and difficulty grades which are important considerations when you make your choices. If you need to copy the link to the portfolio, take it from this box:

Note: All puzzles we sell you directly will be exclusive


The cost of puzzles depends on the following
  • Your circulation - we can match your budget no matter if you are a million plus national or a local newspaper on a shoestring
  • Your frequency - We discount for more frequent issues, so Price Per Puzzle (PPP) is less for daily puzzles as opposed to monthly
  • How many puzzles you take per issue - we discount heavily for two, three, four or more puzzles per issue.
If you are looking to fill a whole puzzle magazine, talk to us, we can give you huge range for a very competative rate. Contact us with your requirements and we can quote you directly, or try the shop if you'd just like to take Sudoku or Str8ts.

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