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Tuesday 7-Jan-2014

... by: Goues, Czech republic

Hello, solve puzzles on your website everyday for the last two years and I have to thank you for all your effort you put into it. I'm now writing to say that they new style of Mini Str8ts that started this year is a lot better and I really like them.

Thank you again for all the fun with Str8ts, Sudokus, Killers and other puzzles I can have every day and also for providing a solver for all of those.


Andrew Stuart writes (20-Jan-2014):
Thanks Goues, glad you like them!

Tuesday 3-Dec-2013

... by: Sally, Canada

I enjoy doing your puzzles especially Str8ts. I have solved the daily puzzles and several of the weekly extremes but do struggle to complete many of the extreme puzzles. My question is what are settis and some of the other terms referred to in the comments section? Do you have a dictionary somewhere that I can look up this terminology?
Sorry if I sound like an ignorant twit but I'm really confused and am looking for strategies that would make it easier to solve these difficult puzzles.
By the way first saw you on Dragons Den and that's how I got interested in doing your puzzles. Terrific site.
Sally Hodgins

Andrew Stuart writes (5-Dec-2013):
Thanks for the kind words, really glad you are enjoying the puzzles. I've started some documentation on Setti here: http://www.str8ts.com/Setti But I recommend the link at the bottom of the page for a terrific write-up (especially Setti) by SlowThinker

Saturday 12-Oct-2013

... by: Marc, Europe

The new daily killer:

Even after clearing cache the same puzzle appears today as did yesterday.

I cannot play the daily killer on my Android phone anymore, as I use to be able to do. It wasn't very comfortable, but anyway.

Andrew Stuart writes (13-Oct-2013):
You have to click on the "New" button now. Changed so itís the visitors choice to load todays puzzle or carry on with the previous Cheers

Tuesday 8-Oct-2013

... by: GC, USA

Hi; some bugs/complaints/wishes regarding the Killer Sudoku player on the web page:

First, the "Check" button doesn't ignore cells with notes, reporting many false-positive "wrong" cells. I can understand either checking (as it does now) or ignoring cells with a single note entry, but I shouldn't have to count the cells with notes to see if one of my actual solution entries so far is wrong.

Second, it doesn't accept entries from the numeric keypad -- at least on my Windows/Firefox setup, the number pad doesn't work even when Num Lock is on, in contrast to the Str8ts / 1-to-25 / regular Sudoku players and every other website and application. (The player doesn't run under IE.)

Third, the "Notes" button turns a guess into a note (going into Notes mode), though not vice-versa (leaving Notes mode with a single note in the cell). Personally I find it disconcerting that the button does more than changing modes. Which is related to...

Fourth, please consider eliminating the separate entries and notes modes, and adopting the more streamlined UI of the Sudoku and Str8ts players (multiple entries automatically become notes). (I'd also welcome an *additional* shortcut such as Mr. Pelletier's suggestion to enter single notes with Shift/Option/Command/whatever; but the zero method (like 04 or 90) is worth keeping, especially if the onscreen instructions mention it.) In any case, using the player would be much easier without needing to switch back and forth between separate modes.


Andrew Stuart writes (10-Oct-2013):
Thanks for this feedback, very useful. The killer Player is pretty old so as a first step I've replaced it with the one I build for the iPad. I hope it doesnít look too large on the web page. Keyboard entry has always worked for me, so I donít know why not on your browser. Strange. Anyway, this version should address your points except the last one. I'll take a look at alternative notes entry. There is additional things we can do now its been moved off the iPad. Let me know what you think of this version.

Applies to both

Tuesday 8-Oct-2013

... by: schubaa, Europe

The scores of the winner of Lettericious on 7 Oct 2013 is obviously miscalculated. Please, check and correct.

Andrew Stuart writes (10-Oct-2013):
Yes was an error and homerbrain was me, I was testing the new App. I fixed the score now

Saturday 23-Feb-2013

... by: Joe, USA

Letterlicious: A letter must be relocated to be used. I frequently find words that use a letter in the position in which it is originally located, but this is not allowed. Considering the limitations placed on the game by the limited grid size and available letters, it does not seem sporting to penalize a player with a legal solution. Selecting a letter and placing it in is current position should apply it as part of a word.

Jeff Widderich writes (26-Feb-2013):
We struggled with this exact scenario when we developed the game. The idea of the game was to have a player feel real gratitude finishing a game by using up all the letters. As with every game the level of players skills varies immensely . The only way we could keep the higher skill levels interested was by making sure that every letter needs to be moved to a new location to be placed. As you probably noticed that really takes a toll on forming words when you get to the bottom of the board when things get tight. If we made a beginners version that would definitely be one of the rules.

Saturday 23-Feb-2013

... by: any, europe

where the hell have you hidden the print button ??
we can't print

Andrew Stuart writes (26-Feb-2013):
I suspect you have zoomed in or made the text bigger in your browser. When you do that the buttons at the bottom of the player will disappear under the window - the player is in it's own space - which doesn't expand.

Thursday 14-Feb-2013

... by: MP, Canada

Is there a solution page or a "give me a clue" feature ?

LOVE the str8ts puzzles... ADDICTION set in immediately !

Congratulations !

Andrew Stuart writes (16-Feb-2013):
Yesterday's solution - indeed the last 15 days, are in the calender thing under the Daily puzzle. Glad you are enjoying!

Monday 4-Feb-2013

... by: marsilius, Europe/Germany

Hi Andrew, yesterday puzzle, Feb.3, in the 2. line, you set a 6 as first figure, but a 9 is also possible.
Apart from that your puzzles great. I am enjoy that every day.

Kind regards Marsilius

Andrew Stuart writes (16-Feb-2013):
Sorry for the late reply. Talking about B1 in This puzzle? 9 can't go there because of the 7 in A1 (7-9 leaves a gap)

Thursday 1-Nov-2012

... by: Mike Huspeni, St Paul, MN USA

Your website lists Logic of Sudoku as $11.99 USD + $3.75 shipping.
Upon checkout for above, I was charged $11.99 + $4.25 shipping. Please update totals on your website.

Andrew Stuart writes (2-Nov-2012):
It's all correct it's just that packaging is fixed at 50c no matter how many books (of the same sort), so it's added on on the checkout page. See the note under the item. Str8ts books come from Canada so have their own 50c. The shipping prices are a bargain at the moment. There was a 40% hike in postage charges here in the UK back in the summer. The true cost to me to post to the US is $8.70, shocking.
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