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Play Str8ts We can make fourteen classic puzzles plus two unique to us and three by contributors. Our puzzles are created and calibrated by using logical strategies that have been developed over a decade and a half. And all are guarenteed to have a single solution. Download the Syndicated Puzzles Portfolio here or look over our sample packs we've created for the most popular puzzles Read>
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Free Puzzles for Community and Small Papers

If you are a non-profit, small community or student newspaper or newsletter, you can get Sudoku and Str8ts for free, print-ready. Read>

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Our puzzles are enjoyed by thousands every day on sites dedicated to the most popular puzzles. To play online, read strategies and discussion visit,, and

Puzzle Makers

Syndicated Puzzles is celebrating ten years in the business of publishing puzzles. Jeff Widderich is the mad scientist type who will constantly be developing far fetched 3-dimensional concepts. Read>

Why Us?

Jeff and Andrew offer some very unique and cleverly designed games for your readers. Read>
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