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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will these puzzles remain free?
We started in 2011 and there's stock uploaded for over ten years. We're going strong with no plan to change the 'free' idea.
Q. How do you make money if the puzzles are free?
A. We make puzzles not just for print, but for web sites (through online players) and mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad - as well as books. If people really like our puzzles - and many do - we hope they will take advantage of these products as well. In 2020 we added an option for a paid subscription for these puzzles.
Q. How much advertising comes with the free puzzles?
A. We are aware that advertising overload is distracting and depreciates from the puzzles when printed, so we have confined our advertising to a web link and a small amount of text such as "For more tips and strategies, please go to" and a short line about the availability of books and apps.
Q. How do I get more puzzles or different puzzles?
Check our Portfolio. We have over fifteen number and word puzzles. We need to charge for these, however, since this is our core business. We can offer a great deal of customization (with regards to layout) and mixing of puzzles, from individual puzzles to full multi-page layouts. Our rate card is available by request.
Q. I'm a larger newspaper and I print daily. Can I use these puzzles?
The downloadable stock does not include daily puzzles. Larger newspapers should have a budget for puzzles and it is not unreasonable for you to pay. We are very aware of the competition and our prices will always remain competative. You can also expect some discounts on the rate cards if you buy multiple puzzles and/or take an on-line player for your website.
Q. Readers don't get/understand your new puzzles. What do I say?
Any feedback, good or bad, we'd like to hear about, and we'll be more than happy to reply on your behalf about anything to do with the puzzles you print. Simply forward their email or ask them to get in touch with us.

If you have special questions or would like to discuss this site or our puzzles, please Contact us.

We hope your readership enjoys the puzzles!

Andrew Stuart